Mentoring Immeasurable Results

“A mentor sees more talent & ability within you, than you, and helps bring it out of you.”

Mentoring Immeasurable Results

“A mentor sees more talent & ability within you, than you, and helps bring it out of you.”


Expert Advice






Low Risk


10 Reasons to Hire a Mentor Now.


Mentor Holds You Accountable.


Mentor Shows you HOW & Guides You.


Mentor Helps You Remain Focused.


Mentor Will Keep Your Confidence Soaring.


Mentors Boost Your personal and professional growth.


Mentor Offers a Fresh Pair of Eyes.


Mentors are trusted advisers.


Mentor Can Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses.


Mentors provide information and knowledge.


Mentors offer encouragement and help keep us going.

What Does a Mentor Do?

A mentor combines instruction in professional behavior with effective support. A mentor may fulfill all or a combination of roles. A mentor:

  • Advocates – Offers sponsorship, provides exposure and visibility within the organization
  • Acquires resources – Brings critical readings, opportunities, or experiences to the attention of the mentee
  • Acts as a role model – Offers insight on how he or she “made it” in the organization
  • Advises – Shares institutional and professional wisdom, critiques performance, makes suggestions
  • Coaches – Helps a mentee learn new skills and practice new behaviors
  • Protects – Helps a mentee find new and challenging opportunities within the organization while protecting her from adverse forces and “dead-end” job assignments
  • Supports – Listens with a sympathetic ear, explains unwritten rules, and acknowledges disappointments and triumphs.

Source: genderequitycollaborative

How Can Mentor help You?
To Understand role of Mentor in your career, business and life, please refer below resources;

  1. How A Mentor Can Help Your Career.
  2. Benefits of mentoring
  3. How Can a Mentor Benefit Your Career?
What Types/Area of Coaching Support Do You Offer?

One-On-One Mentoring
Resource-Based Mentoring
Group Mentoring
Training-Based Mentoring

Executive Mentoring
Induction Mentoring
Peer Mentoring
Developmental Mentoring

Career Development Mentor

Formal/Informal Mentor
Natural Mentoring
Situational Mentoring
Industry Mentor

Organization Mentor
Customer Mentor
Work Process Mentor
Technology Mentor

Work/Life Integration Mentor

If you have applied for “SEGP” program then, Mentor Support will be offered absolutely FREE for 6 Month, and 2 Month for “SEFP” Program.

How Do You Charge for Mentoring?
  1. First 30 Minute is FREE.
  2. Subsequent 500/- INR charged every Hour.

Click Here and Click on “Create New Ticket” and the in “Help” Topic choose Startup Entrepreneur Program and follows the instructions. 

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“If I hadn’t had mentors, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m a product of great mentoring, great coaching… Coaches or mentors are very important. They could be anyone–your husband, other family members, or your boss.” Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo

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