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1. Access New Market
2. Grow Professional Network
3. Start, Run and Grow Business Support
4. Idea Validation
5. Fundraising, VC Search
6. Market Access
7. Resolve Business Issues
8. New Opportunities
9. Free Resources
10. and 100’s of more support and information.

100% Spam Free Close Group.

##Forward this message to those entrepreneurs who are looking for support or able to contribute their support for the empowerment of Indian Entrepreneurs##

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In addition to the rules mentioned on our Facebook group HERE and various legal policies HERE, you must agree and abide by following rules to remain a member of the group. Violation of this group may become a cause of immediate removal of you from the group.

#1: There will be no cursing in this group – ever. That includes words like X, Y and Z. It also includes any statement that the group admin deems inappropriate in nature.

#2: Do not advertise your business on this group. We are not interested in your career, only in your opinions and relevant information as per the group guidelines. (Contact us if you have a question on this point)

#3: All opinions will be treated with mutual respect unless they violate the aforementioned rules. Treat your fellow Facebook group members with that same respect.

#4: If a single individual starts a discussion that all other members disagree with, it may, at the discretion of the group admin, be considered trolling. Trolls will be booted out of the group.

#5: If a member personally attacks another member with words that are harmful, threatening or not in-line with our mutual respect policy, that member will receive a warning. Three warnings and you’re out.

#6: Please stick to the mission statement of this Facebook group. Irrelevant content does not belong here it belongs on other pages. See our compiled list here.[Click Here to Read and Understand Vision, Mission, and Objective of Group]

#7: Do not post graphic or disturbing photos, videos and other media in this group. If you are not sure about the content that you want to post, email the group admin [ and CC to].

#8: If someone mentions you by name please respond directly to that person on the same post. If the comment is inflammatory please report it to the group admin.

#9: Think before you post! This is Facebook, one of the biggest sites on the internet – what goes up can never really come down. Respect the privacy of others!

#10: Be aware that posting more than 5 discussions on the same day needs to be justified to the group admin, or it will be considered spam.

#11: It is considered impolite to repost or draw attention to the fact that a group admin or another member has deleted your comment.

#12: If you are going to comment, we would prefer it if you could try and add a valuable discussion to the conversation. Be friendly, be fair and use common sense.

#13: The Facebook group admin is entitled to deny entry to any member they choose. They are also allowed to boot out members that don’t comply with the house rules.

#14: For any specific inquiries please refer to the website address and telephone numbers on the cover photo. This is just the Facebook group, not the business itself!

#15: When you share attachments in our Facebook group please make sure that your settings are on ‘public’ or no-one will be able to see your attachment.

#16: Be safe. Do not give out personal details. If other group members contact you personally, please be careful. If you receive an abusive message or one that makes you feel uncomfortable, please alert the admin, either via Facebook or via email.

#17: You are responsible for your post and further any damage caused by it. if you have a question on the certain post, let us know so we can advise you.


You can reach to group admin from message or mail his at with cc to We wish you best luck and success with this group.

Group Link:

Startup Entrepreneur Facebook Group

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