Coaching a Growth Mindset

Coaching a Growth Mindset






10 Reasons to Hire a Business Coach Now.


You'll go outside your comfort zone.


You'll have someone who isn't afraid of correcting you.


You'll gain a needed confidante.


You'll access more resources.


You'll hear unbiased opinions.


You'll make more money.


You'll learn how to make your ideas a reality.


Your networking opportunities will skyrocket.


You'll be held accountable for what really matters.


You'll get personal attention from business insider.

What Can Business & Individual Coaches Do for You?

As explained by Jay Abraham; “The business coach’s job is to guide the client through the different points, methodologies, philosophies, and ideologies required for attaining the targeted goals for growth. The coach is there to guide, hold accountable, to alter, shift, or pare down perspective or mindset in order to help get through real or imagined constraints.  There’s a multiplicity of ways that a coach can work. But basically, the coach collaborates with the client to help the client. The coach doesn’t do the client’s work. The coach helps the client to achieve, over a period of time, a specific or an integrative goal that they set together. And it depends on the relationship. They could establish numerous goals and may do them one at a time for a long duration. It could be a short duration. It could be any of a number of things.”

How Can Coaches help You?

Coaches can help you to:

  • Ensure that self-employment is the most appropriate option for you
  • Check your personal situation and professional qualifications/requirements
  • Evaluate different self-employment options, such as start-up, franchise or consultancy
  • Transition between where you are now and starting your business
  • Conduct a market-and- competitor analysis
  • Write your business plan
  • Target customers and market your businesses
  • Look at financial planning including capital requirements, revenue and profitability forecast
  • Develop your sales and customer acquisition strategy
  • Identify opportunities and risks of your business idea

Source: your24hcoach

What Types/Area of Coaching Support Do You Offer?

Executive Coaching
Small Business Management
Entrepreneurship Coaching
Career Management & PlanninG.

Leadership Coaching
Life Coaching
Change Management
Work/Life Balance

Web Business Coaching
Goal Planning

Coaching for Women
Coaching for Development
Conflict Coaching
Transformational Coaching

Time Management
Startup Coaching
Business Coaching
Team Coaching

Management Coaching

If you have applied for “SEGP” program then, Coaching Support will be offered absolutely FREE for 6 Month, and 2 Month for “SEFP” Program.

How Do You Charge for Coaching?
  1. First 30 Minute is FREE.
  2. Subsequent 500/- INR charged every Hour.

Click Here and Click on “Create New Ticket” and the in “Help” Topic choose “Startup Entrepreneur Program” and follows the instructions.

Join Today & Talk to Your Coach.

“Don’t stop at the first obstacle; have the endurance to keep on going and you will succeed.”

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