Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned. It is something that has no formal academic structure except legal formalities and process. If you have a right vision and you implement it with the right resources at a right time. The world is yours. I advise entrepreneur, while they learn and develop skills that are required to start a venture, they should just focus on their present moment of development. and you are the best person in this present situation. 


The Entrepreneurial Journey Begins – 3 – How to Start your Entrepreneur Journey.

Please take following things ready with you and keep it with you;

  1. Notepad – A4 size
  2. Pencil 
  3. sharpener
  4. Rubber 
  5. one colored Marker pen

Keep it with you all the time. this is going to be a roadmap for your startup and idea development. Let me tell you that with this lecture, you are going to start working on your business idea or evolving one idea. Take it seriously and your mentor would always measure your learnings and passion through your ability to draw your mind and imagination on a notepad. There is no structure and you are free to create an endless mess. You will note down key points, your introspection, your questions, further resources you discover and you will constantly try to connect dots until you find one idea or you know how to polish and present your current idea. 

At this stage, you have either your idea that you want to test, validate and take it to the next level or you may need to redefine another idea if the previous ideas found to be non-feasible. It is significant to tell that, you have no idea for startup at all however you are an enthusiast and passionate for entrepreneurism and you want to find an innovative and profitable business of social ideas to start, run and grow your business. You will receive excellent customize support from your mentor on SEGP-OCMP Platform and you will work One to One. 


Read This Story Here: 7 Life Lessons From My Entrepreneurship Journey – Don’t take this story just as an inspiration but try to learn from the experiences of entrepreneur and learn from their experiences.  You will learn seven lessons and you can customize those lesson in your journey planning. Each entrepreneur will have their own lesson and situation, so be flexible, free mind and as I said earlier, you will try to connect dots.