Using your Startup ID (Also Known as ticket ID, Entrepreneur ID) and Registered email, you need to log on to SEGP Online Coaching & Mentoring Platform” HERE. (also known as SEGP-OCMP Platform)

  1. Share your feedback that how are you doing with the program?
  2. What is the issue you are facing while learning SEGP program?
  3. What are the resources you expect us to add for your comforts and better development? (Please note we update resources constantly and we expose you to certain resources at specific phase of the course, however, feel free to share your view)
  4. Let your mentor know if you are facing issue with the assignment. The assignment is a practical task given to set up your own business.
  5. Inform your Mentor/Coach that what modules you have finished and you are on to and he will keep in touch with you for practical business setup and operations.
  6. You will discuss custom business issues, set up process on this platform. Your Mentor will further guide you with various legal and business procedure and you will submit the status and relevant documents with him and he will take you next level after each process until you start, run and grow your business.