The creation of products/Services with new or different characteristics that offer new or additional benefits to the customer. Product and Service development may involve modification of an existing product/service or its presentation or formulation of an entirely new product/service that satisfies a newly defined customer want or market niche.

In this session, we will work on your lean, minimum viable product or service development and on this stage, you will remain in touch with your mentor through phone, email, ticket and if request face to face. (in person or online through conference)

Remember you will start with a focus on one product or service or just say category except you have significant resources and team to take it to the next level from the beginning.

You are not here to study MBA or obtain college degree hence, you should not expect theory, but you are here to start, run and grow your business that requires skills, information, facts, and knowledge with necessary support, mentoring and coaching. Therefore, you are an Entrepreneur and We are a Coach and Mentor. That is our relationship.

Please find attached word document below and fill in answer to the question as honestly as possible, without taking anybody’s assistance. These are a crucial question that will help your mentor to build your base. Once you have done that, upload your answer document to SEGP-OCMP Platform so your mentor will begin further work with you.

Startup Idea Evaluation Questions

We would further Recommend you to review additional resources below:

New Product Development Stages

Although, in industry steps for product and service development are preset, it is advisable to do experiment with your idea. Entrepreneurs are also discovery and innovatory. They don’t always follow the rules but they set fews of them.

How to Develop a New Service

The Business Model Canvas


You are expected to make a business model in regards to your new or current idea as many time as required until we reach to one final profitable, sustainable working idea.