The life of entrepreneur and startups is complex. there is an immense need of peer support, collaboration for the advancement.

We have created an international cross-border community on facebook for start-ups and entrepreneur of the world to support each other in every possible way. We will be the first to answer all of your questions, in addition to other members.

The community group is spam free and run by a specific rule. We expect you to post your question and share your knowledge, requirement and business ideas on the community.

Join Global Startup Entrepreneur Facebook Community Here 

During the course of your business setup or at any stage if you have any questions feel free to post your question on the community. Admin and Mentor will reply to your question in addition to other entrepreneurs.

  1. You must have a valid and active Facebook profile.
  2. When you join, we will receive a request and after due diligence, we will approve your request.