In addition to our legal policy and agreement terms, You are expected to have or cultivate following qualities before starting this program.

  • Time Management – That you will learn and participate in the program in a timely manner and submit assignments on schedule time.
  • No Sick Drama – When you want a leave, be responsible and try to avoid unnecessary procrastination in the learning program.
  • Goal Planning – You are expected to develop your business and professional goal with a mentor as you learn more about the program.
  • Be Realistic – Set realistic expectation for the outcome in this course. if you have a question feel free to ask.
  • Basic Knowledge – You need basic knowledge of Hindi, English, computer or ready to learn the same as go.
  • Take Orders and Persistent –  When we give instruction, sometimes you need to take it as an order to achieve a goal. our mutual common interest is to achieve your startup goal.