The Duration of the program is 8 weeks + 1-year business coach and mentor support. That the 8 week can be extended depending upon case to case and individual determination. It can also be shortened.

  • Depending on your individual situation, the course can be completed with additional time.
  • Depending upon your situation and ability, the objective or guarantee (if any) given under the program may active early. The clause is subject to the agreement signed with you. Guarantee clause is a part of SEGP program.
  • Coach and Mentor support will be provided online and offline as required and feasible based upon the situation. We just kill the barrier that comes between your progress and our support and we expect the same. For SEGP and SEFP program, the entrepreneur should keep in mind that we often use term Coach and Mentor interchangeably. You will receive Coaching and Mentor support on SEGP – Online Coaching and Mentor Support also known as SEGP-OCMS. Make sure you are registered on this platform and have access as it is the key part of your program and this is one point of the solution to start, run and grow your business.
  • You are advised to keep in touch with your mentor/coach during the program through your Entrepreneur ID/Startup ID/ Ticket ID (All Stand for same) and Email on membership platform. Keep him update when you complete each module. Click Here to redirect to SEGP-OCMS Platform.