1. You must comply with the agreement signed with you.
  2. An additional amendment, terms or rule may be added into your ticket/Startup ID on SEGP-OCMP Platform, and you must agree to those terms. If you have any disagreement, you need to raise objections within ticket in 3 business days from the date of posting new terms or rule.
  3. Your progress report, coaching, mentoring and all essential support and communication will be carried on SEGP-OCMP Platform, from both ends. The conversation and communication can be tracked and print from both ends, and that will remain final progress tracking electronic document, in case of any dispute arises.
  4. You need to be in touch with Coach and Mentor on SEGP-OCMP Platform, in addition to a phone conversation, however, the only valid steps and decision will be considered as per the communication made under SEGP-OCMP Platform.
  5. You will submit all task carried out by you in relation to your business on SEGP-OCMP Platform and follow the instruction given from coach or mentor on SEGP-OCMP Platform.
  6. The communication carried out on SEGP-OCMP Platform will have exclusive jurisdiction of Surat in case of any disputes arises out.
  7. Feel free to raise your question on SEGP-OCMP Platform.