• To provide a lecture to help you with how to start and run your business.
  • To expose you in the area of legal business setups and various business plans and business formation.
  • To offer coach and support to grow your business.
  • To train you for Digital Marketing and Website Design.


  • As made it clear in previous video lecture, we will offer video lecture, assign you professional tasks and assignments.
  • We will arrange one to one virtual or face to face meetups for an advancement of your business goals.
  • we will supply material to run and grow your business.


  • We will introduce to some must-have tools to run and grow your business.
  • Few tools might be paid and having it may save a lot of costs and it might be necessary for your startup to grow. We are generally savvy when it comes to spending but we focus on right spending. We never support or promote any brand.
  • we will first share open source and free tools, in some area for example website hosting you may need to buy reliable, secure web hosting to offer secure and best experience to your customer.

All communication related to your startup and its progress must be carried out on SEGP-OCMP Platform.