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To Listen Is To Learn, & To Understand Is To Inspire.

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Reg. under BPT act & Income Tax Department, Govt. of India.

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An aim of solving social, cultural, or environmental problems.


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For Business Setup and to make it Operational.


Producing Social Entrepreneur for Society and Businesses.

Our Story


“Startup Entrepreneur” is a project/initiative of a JivanamAsteya – Center for International Peace and Conflict Studies which is an NGO/NPO Registered Under The Bombay Public Trust Act 1950, Registration Number: E/7385/surat AND Registered under Section 12AA of The Income Tax Act, 1961, Government of India.

We are a Non-Governmental, Non-Political, Not for Profit Organization.

Hence,“Startup Entrepreneur” is India’s and world’s first Platform that offers efficient support and assistance to an entrepreneur to start, run and grow their small business or implement their business idea practically, at the fraction of cost.

Karnav Shah is a founder of Startup Entrepreneur. He is a serial Social Entrepreneur and he started his first project in 2015 to empower consumer-citizen of India, namely, He is also an author of the best-selling book – File Consumer Complaint without Lawyer: A Solid Guide to Contest, Resolve & Win Your Consumer Court Case like a Pro in India.

Karnav has spent more than 3 years in Australia working with International healthcare NGO – Baptcare Organization, where he developed NGO management skills and few other academic qualification and skills to understand the psychological need of human in various positions.

Returning to India, he spent some time with training institute and educational institute and found that education is pro-business and pro-profit than producing economically beneficial and socially responsible person. In Australia, even a candidate with a vocational certificate is highly competent to carry out many business and organizational task, which Indian degree holder might fail to do. Significant promises are made to a student who spends millions of rupees for education, found to be cheated hence the great Indian assets are being wasted. The need and dream of quality life for a student is compromised.

Karnav also attended few seminars and educational programs who promise for guaranteed results for success or more salary or earning but in the end, it all fails. disappointment, humiliation, and waste of money lead candidate to depression.

Karnav took advantage of technology and open learning from MIT, Harvard University, IIM and other like institutions who offer free education program online. He spent two years to design a curriculum that does not preach theory and false promises but prepare a candidate to become an entrepreneur. The support system he has created does not just stop at training to make an entrepreneur but he has added a great value through mentorship and coaching program whereas entrepreneur set up their business then start, run and grow their business successfully nationally and globally.

India is a young country and there is significant eligible youth proportion who need extensive support without stress. They have limited arrangement of money to spend on training and setting up business. Despite they have done MBA or ready for positive learning, they are struggling with running a successful business or finding creative profitable ideas. Karnav and his team see tremendous scope at the grassroots microeconomic level in India, which if, supported well, can create a sustainable livelihood, economic growth and economic reforms in India. Indirectly, it will also create numerous local employment and hike in per capita income.

Startup Entrepreneur Initiative is a practical solution to empower Indian Entrepreneur, create sustainable livelihoods, unique business idea creation, and implementation. Startup Entrepreneur intends to produce Social Entrepreneurs and Changemakers, who will extend the legacy of our vision to make India an economic and social leader in the world community.

  • Promoting Social & Innovative Entrepreneurship.
  • Creating Sustainable Livelihoods.
  • Globalization of Indian Entrepreneurs.
  • Grassroot Startups and Microeconomic Reforms and Empowerment. 

Start, Run and Grow Business/Startup in Real-time with rigorous Coaching and Mentor Support.

  • To train, coach and mentor entrepreneur under the Startup Entrepreneur Guarantee Program (SEGP) to set up, start, run and grow their business.
  • To Offer specialized Coaching Support to meet short-term skills, goals of individual entrepreneur or company.
  • To offer expert mentor support to achieve long-term challenges and goals of Individual or company.
  • To provide cost-effective services and support to Indian Entrepreneur.
  • To run Seminar, Workshops, training and other programs to deliver specialized knowledge or empowering entrepreneurs.

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Karnav Shah

Karnav Shah

Founder, Mentor, Coach

Serial Social Entrepreneur. Legal Social Worker. BA, MA in Psychology, eMBA (Criminology), MBA (Financial Management), Doctorate (Management)

Umang Agrawal

Program Director

Passionate about Social Work, Love to work with people and high follower of work ethics, Integrity and honesty.

Amit Shah

Amit Shah

Panel Lawyer,LLB. Senior Advocate having a diversity of Criminal, Civil, Matrimonial and other legal assignments centric exposure. Love for a nation, Dedicated for National Reform and Consumer-Citizen Empowerment.

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